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Buy Great Names … WELCOME!

Today ‘s domain name picks of domain drops for you to consider. This website  is a brand new concept for me and I am at a very early stage obviously. Please help me spread the word if you like my work here and offer any suggestions if you like.  I really hope I can do well financially with a simple honor system and a paypal donation button on this site (see below). If I am providing a service you like and hopefully you benefit from it, then you shouldn’t mind making a donation for my time right? A truly unique social experiment! If you like reading my lists and hopefully if you register a domain recommended to you here, PLEASE consider a donation for my time. – It is a new frontier! 🙂 – excellent hobby store setup. Great money potential here. – a horse storefront – very hard to find anything for an crypto currency discussion website – – I instantly though what a great name for a dating site! – a domainers site name – I instantly though wouldn’t it be neat to have a member post a picture of a friend and randomly other members could pick the ones they wanted to draw and they would post their drawing next to the images? FUN -for a Linda with a bakery! – all things bridal (and there is a LOT) – how about youtube but with products? What about a live auction style going through an entire semi truck of things? – – – LOL – couples website – what everybody wants!!! – man cave, fathers gifts, tough stuff!! – a foodie site – animal storefront – a podcast in the making. It’s what everyone really wants to be!!! – I actually love this one because I have lots of hens and I always love looking at their big fluffy butts LOL 🙂 – I AM one!!!

Enjoy and thanks for looking! This website can only improve from here. Have a wonderful day! Please consider donating as it really does help feed my family! I long someday to say 100 percent I am my own boss!

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